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Global Capsules Limited (GCL) constantly strives to be a world-class, globally competitive company, where state of the art technology, strong customer focus, a humane work environment and sound business acumen are the propelling forces.

Global Capsules Limited (GCL) is the only manufacturer of Halal Gelatin and Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules in Bangladesh and one of the leading capsule and gelatin manufacturing company in South Asia with a uniquely broad spectrum of innovation. GCL started its journey in 1990 with the goal is to make Bangladesh self sufficient in this sector as well as stay in touch with the fast expanding pharmaceutical industry of our country.



Global Capsules Limited (GCL) is based on the state of the art technology, machinery, and equipment combining efficiency for the process & quality of the products. GCL technology is integrated to an existing bone-based production site with rationalized costs that warrant strong competitiveness to the company. GCL's multilingual and multicultural motivated team guarantees that the customers always find the right person to talk to. With our capacity of 8 billion capsules per year, 1000 MT gelatin each year, GCL production plant is by far the biggest in South Asia, and the only one in Bangladesh that offers control of the transportation to all parts of the this fast growing market. A strong synergy between Opsonin Pharma Ltd. (our parent company), Opso Saline, Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd. , and Jokky Garments Ltd. allows GCL to facilitate backward and upward linkage and guarantees the best service to our consumers.

Meet The Board

Captain Abdus Sabur Khan (Retd.)

GCL constantly strives to be a world-class, globally competitive company, where state of the art technology, strong customer focus, a humane work environment and sound business acumen are the propelling forces.

Abdur Rouf Khan
Vice Chairman

GCL is dedicated to marmalade for the development of Bangladesh by empowering the pharmaceutical companies to make the country self sufficient in medicine as well as to make them globally competitive.

Abdur Rakib Khan
Managing Director

GCL always tries to keep ahead from the dynamic world by sorts of innovation, continuous improvement along with customer satisfaction and maintain stringently ethical standard in business operation for the benefits of the country.

Zubair Khan
Executive Director

Empowering Bangladesh's pharmaceutical industry, fostering global self-sufficiency, and driving innovation for growth. And also he is the member of EO Bangladesh chapter.




We started our journey with two capsules manufacturing machine origin of USA.

Machine Implementation

We added two machines due to customer demand on our capsules




Growing customer confidence and demand we installed another two machines.

Capsule Manufacturing Machine

Because of room condition is the vital factor for capsule quality, we built-up a new factory building with highly sophisticated the state of the art technology HVAC control system by DATA AIRE, origin of USA. This year we also set-up three more capsule manufacturing machines.


- 1998

Gelatin Production Plant

For the smooth supply of raw materials of capsules we set-up a Gelatin production plant in our factory. Launched Printing facility with the help of the state of the art technology printing machine HARTNETT origin of USA and also installed another three capsule manufacturing machines. We enriched our printing section by launching spin printing machine from HARTNETT which capable us to provide bi-color orientation print on the capsules and also set-up another two capsules manufacturing machines.

Computerized Capsule Manufacturing Machine

2003: As the demand of market increased we have added another sophisticated fully computerized capsule manufacturing machine from Saffroys, India also instated high-speed RPD-4 printing machines from China. 2005: Achieved ISO and HACCP certificate.

- 2005

- 2008

Inaugurated TQM System

2006: Inaugurated TQM System and also achieved HALAL certificate from International body (AIFDC-ICU). 2008: We have installed another two capsules manufacturing machine from Saffroys, India which increases our production more than 60 million capsules per month.

Our Presence

From the very beginning we have got encouraging support from most of the pharmaceutical companies in our country having capsules products and on the very first year of marketing we have enjoyed 50% of the total market share. Now after 18 years operation, we feel about 85% of our domestic consumers are very happy to use GCL empty capsules.

On top of fulfilling local demands, we have established a very good business relationship with overseas buyers. At present, we are exporting empty hard gelatin capsules to different countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and New Zealand. Our exporting venture started in 1991, with only 50 million capsules, and as of 2018, we are exporting 1800 million capsules, of various sizes.