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About Global Capsules Ltd.

Global Capsules Limited (GCL) is the only manufacturer of Halal Gelatin and Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules in Bangladesh and one of the leading capsule and gelatin manufacturing companies in South Asia with a uniquely broad spectrum of innovation. GCL started its journey in 1990 with the goal is to make Bangladesh self sufficient in this sector as well as stay in touch with the fast expanding pharmaceutical industry of our country.

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Global Capsules Ltd is able to offer its customers a complete range (Size # 00, 1,2,3,4,5) of capsule shell with capacity of 600 million per month for all applications over and above global strength combined with local expertise. GCL capsule shell have locking system in both cap and body, i.e. double lock, which gives better performance during encapsulation in high speed filling machine.

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We produce international standard gelatin with different bloom strength (150 mg to 250 mg) for all applications. Our gelatin manufacturing plant is now capable of producing 625 MT/year Hard Shell grade Gelatin, along with 375 MT/year Soft Shell grade, Technical grade or Food & Glue grade gelatin per year.

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Complementary to the production of capsules & gelatin, we also produce 3600 MT of Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) and 400 MT of Bone Meal per year.

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